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Give the Joy of a Christmas Tree

Give the Joy of a Christmas Tree

December 18, 2023

The Justin Simmons Foundation is partnering with The Christmas Tree Project to spread joy this Holiday season!

Christmas can be one of the happiest times of the year, but can also be one of the saddest if there is no way to afford Christmas, which for so many, includes having a Christmas tree.

Join us in sponsoring Denver area families to celebrate the Holidays by donating a Christmas tree! Little elves (including Justin) will deliver donated trees to families in need.

There was a young couple with five children and another on the way (due Christmas day!) who needed a tree and ended up with a wonderful nine-and-half-foot tree. They said their children would just not believe they had such a magnificent tree. By the looks on their faces and the bounce in their stride, I don't think they would have been happier if they had won the lottery.


Sponsor a Fully Decorated Tree (includes ornaments): $131 per tree
Sponsor a Christmas Tree: $100 per tree

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Each tree will go to a deserving family in Colorado.
For more information on the Christmas Tree Project, click here.

More Testimonials About The Christmas Tree Project

Chris from Tough Tool Rental said, I had someone call me today and say she just needed a small tree because her little girl didn't think Santa would come if a tree wasn't in the house.

The injured solider who (we couldn't help but notice) had a Purple Heart license plate, was happy to get a tree for his family. He was the only person we did not give a pre-addressed card to so he could write a note of thanks to all the people who worked on the Christmas Tree Project It seemed so obvious that we all owed him and his family infinitely more than they owed us.

There was a single mother living with her young son in a motel. She contacted us and wanted a "small" tree that would fit in the motel to brighten up their Christmas. (One of our delivery "Elfs" made sure her son had the skateboard he so much wanted for Christmas.)